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The Business Environment

n recent years, a variety of powerful factors and unanticipated developments have significantly altered the traditional role, power and influence of America's financial institutions and other businesses, as they compete in a global marketplace.

  • Deregulation of the banking industry encouraged financial institutions to participate in new investment ventures, and it has also encouraged commercial firms to seek entree into the financial services industry.

  • Consumers and investors can now choose among an increasingly diverse array of product and service options offered by commercial and savings banks, thrifts, insurance companies, credit unions, and numerous other financial intermediaries.

  • The widespread use of new technology has made possible the transfer of funds without regard to geographic boundaries, ushering in the age of global "bankless banking."

  • The Internet and the World Wide Web are bringing about changes in the way businesses and individuals conduct their day-to-day activities and plan for the future—around the world—and the full ramifications of these developments are mind-boggling for the uninitiated.

The result: a shifting marketplace.  Corporations, organizations and individuals must now seek specialized legal guidance as they attempt to prosper and grow in an environment where the ground rules are constantly changing.

Timothy D. Naegele & Associates closely monitors events and trends, and has developed a strategic sense for their dynamics and direction.   We have applied our expertise to help clients successfully consummate mergers, obtain capital assistance, form holding company systems, complete mutual-to-stock conversions, and foster interstate banking.  We engineered the acquisition of a large savings and loan by a major securities firm; we guided a Fortune 500 company through a series of interstate acquisitions; and we advise acquirors and target institutions alike.

Timothy D. Naegele & Associates is also experienced in handling a full range of corporate and individual business transactions, from the drafting of employment contracts to advising clients on permissible affiliate transactions and newly-permitted activities.   Only by understanding the interrelationship between business and individual needs, federal and state laws and agency regulations, litigation and legislation, can clients be served optimally.

For example, one area of our continuing expertise involves the Anti-Tying Provision of the Bank Holding Company Act Amendments of 1970.  Timothy D. Naegele's latest in-depth law review article—the third in a series of his articles discussing the law that he wrote when he served as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs—has been published in the Banking Law Journal.  A shorter article on the subject has been published in the American Banker.  See our Published Articles on the subject.

Whatever the need, be it large or small, we stand ready to assist you!

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