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Financing is central to moving carefully-crafted business plans—and dreams of all sorts—from the "drawing board" to reality.   Robust American and world economies, even in turbulent times, make it possible to obtain funding for well-conceived projects as well as business proposals regardless of their nature, size, complexity and location.

  • Banks and Other Financial Institutions—We have assisted numerous banks, other financial institutions, and leading U.S. companies in assessing, addressing and mastering their financing needs in a multitude of contexts and circumstances including, but not limited to, bank mergers and acquisitions; financial assistance from governmental and other sources; and the structuring of transactions and the development of business plans that make sound economic sense and produce significant results.

  • Real Estate—The real estate industry in North America and internationally has witnessed extraordinary growth and prosperity, and it has also experienced periodic and often prolonged downturns, with such cycles being an integral part of the world economic landscape in the 21st Century.  Whether a client's needs involve financing for housing projects, condominiums, golf courses, marinas or other ambitious undertakings, we can structure creative financial "packages" that make good business sense.  Additionally, we have expertise in successfully restructuring existing business, legal and financial arrangements when problems or challenges arise.

  • Computers, the Internet & Cyberspace—The financing of software companies, commercial Web sites and the like is just as creative and challenging as the vistas of Cyberspace are broad.  We stand ready to serve our clients in a wide spectrum of ways, including equity and debt financing, and planning for the future.

  • Movies and Other Forms of EntertainmentHollywood (or Los Angeles) is "creative capital of the world”—the worldwide mecca for the movie industry and other forms of entertainment.  We can successfully arrange for the financing and sale of quality independent films and other well-conceived projects, and long-term distribution arrangements.   Movies and other forms of entertainment begin as dreams, but become "magic" with the proper financing and other input from our law firm.  Timothy D. Naegele brings considerable contacts and expertise to our clients' issues, inter alia, as "Executive Producer" of an independent film, and having grown up in "tinseltown."

Timothy D. Naegele & Associates is prepared to serve your financing needs, and to address other important business and legal issues.  Please feel free to contact us.

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