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The Judicial Environment

With increasing regularity, the U.S. Supreme Court and various lower federal and state courts are being asked to address major policy issues affecting the future of America's financial institutions and other matters that are of importance to businesses and individuals alike.

  • As regional and interstate expansion continues, cross-industry acquisitions increase, and turf battles occur between competing interests, litigation will develop in both federal and state courts that will affect the expansion opportunities of banks and other entities, and in turn trigger legislative and regulatory action.
  • Bank and thrift failures and similar issues have posed continuing problems for financial institutions, depositors, creditors, investors, and others.  The ensuing litigation has been both complex and far-reaching, and we have dealt with literally hundreds of cases on the subject.

  • Litigation involving Internet commerce and individual transactions will increase and become more complex, as new laws and regulations are devised, and the unregulated are subject to creative efforts to regulate and restrain them.  The battles in this area are apt to be fierce and result in laws and regulations fashioned by legislators and regulators, and ultimately by the courts.

Timothy D. Naegele & Associates regularly advises clients on judicial developments and intercedes on their behalf.  We have extensive experience in litigation and the recovery of monies from federal agencies, having recovered approximately $10 million for our clients in recent years.

We have been particularly active in litigation stemming from the problems of American financial institutions, the Anti-Tying Provision of the Bank Holding Company Act (see our Published Articles on the subject), and class action disputes involving Internet commerce and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ("RICO").

Whatever your litigation needs, especially involving the federal courts, we can help you.

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