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Regulatory Environment

The financial services industry as well as other sectors of our economy—already faced with enormous economic challenges, a shifting marketplace and renewed congressional oversight—must also contend with the ramifications of a complex and changing regulatory environment.

  • The banking industry and other sectors find themselves under the jurisdiction of a multiplicity of federal and state agencies, as well as a variety of complex and often conflicting regulatory goals.

  • Debate continues on the degree to which the regulatory structure itself must be reformed.

  • Financial institutions struggle to adjust to the trends toward greater competition resulting from deregulation and competing pressures for the re-regulation of certain financial sectors.

  • Federal and state authorities continue to debate whether increased safeguards should be required to help protect against future risks.

  • The trends that are readily apparent with respect to financial institutions are also present regarding important issues that affect other businesses and individuals.

Counseling about, analysis of, and compliance with federal and state regulations are vital services offered by Timothy D. Naegele & Associates to its clients.

Toward that end, we have maintained working relationships with regulatory staff charged with overseeing financial institutions and other matters; served as a liaison with individual agencies from the moment a problem arises, or a transaction is first conceived until final approval; and taken care of all necessary follow-up activity.

One area of our continuing regulatory expertise involves the Anti-Tying Provision of the Bank Holding Company Act Amendments of 1970.  Timothy D. Naegele's latest in-depth law review article—the third in a series of his articles discussing the law that he wrote when he served as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs—has been published in the Banking Law Journal, and it addresses the regulatory environment pertaining to the Anti-Tying Provision.  A shorter article on the subject has been published in the American Banker.  See our Published Articles on the subject.

Timothy D. Naegele & Associates also appears before federal and state agencies in connection with banking and other matters, including the representation of mortgage banking clients before the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

We stand ready to assist you.

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