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  • Since Timothy D. Naegele wrote the Anti-Tying Provision of the Bank Holding Company Act Amendments of 1970when he served as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairsa great deal has happened with the law.  He has written articles about it, with a new one in the offing; and attempts have been made to "gut" the law because of its importance in the world of banking and financial institutions.  Indeed, it remains the only antitrust law enacted by Congress that deals specifically with predatory lending practices by banks and other financial institutions. 

    We have been very pleased with the favorable comments that we received regarding Mr. Naegele's last two articles about the law.  The first one appeared in the American Banker, the daily newspaper of the U.S. banking industry.  The second article, which is Mr. Naegele's in-depth 75-page law review article about the Anti-Tying Provision, appeared in the Banking Law Journalthe oldest scholarly journal on banking issues in the United States.  Both articles can be read by clicking on the links at the bottom of this Web page and downloading them.

    Periodic efforts have been made to weaken or gut the law, and Mr. Naegele has been vigilant in taking steps to thwart such efforts.  He has provided comments to the Governors of the Federal Reserve Board (see this site and the Fed's Web site), and taken other actions.

  • We are very pleased to announce an interview with Timothy D. Naegele entitled "Greenspan’s legacy: more suffering to come," which was conducted by a stock and options trading Web site.  It is a follow-on discussion of the economic and political issues that were addressed in his McClatchy and American Banker articles (see below).

    This interview may be read in its entirety by clicking on the link above, or by clicking on these links—PSW or Seeking Alpha—and downloading it.

  • Also, we are pleased with all of the favorable comments about the publication and distribution of Timothy D. Naegele's op-ed "Commentary" by the McClatchy Newspapers and McClatchy-Tribune News Service, which is entitled "Euphoria or the Obama Depression?"  It is a follow-on discussion of the issues that were addressed in his American Banker article (see below).  Timothy D. Naegele received his undergraduate degree in Economics from UCLA, and he is an Independent politically.  Thus, his new article discusses the serious issues that are confronting the United States and other nations, from a non-partisan point of view.

    In it, he states:

    "Barack Obama is euphorically optimistic, but neither he nor the leaders of other countries can hold back an economic tsunami, just as mankind is helpless to stop the wrath of natural tsunamis in the oceans."

    He adds:

    "To use [legendary former Federal Reserve Chairman] Paul Volcker's words, politicians may not 'remember any time, maybe even in the Great Depression, when [so many once–promising political careers] went down quite so fast, quite so uniformly around the world.'

    "America and other nations are in uncharted waters; and their politicians may face backlashes from disillusioned and angry constituents that are unprecedented in modern times.  Also, the limits of godless secularism and paying homage to the false gods of materialism may become self–evident."

    The article appears at RealClearPolitics and at other Web sites—and may be read online by clicking on this link or the link above—or it may be read in its entirety too by clicking on the links at the bottom of this Web page and downloading it.

  • Next, we were pleased with the favorable comments that we received regarding the publication of Timothy D. Naegele's article in the American Banker, the daily newspaper of the U.S. banking industry.  It is entitled, "Greenspan's Fingerprints All Over Enduring Mess," and it deals with the economic tsunami that has been rolling worldwide with devastating effects, stretching well into this decade. 

    In it, he states:

    "Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is the architect of the enormous economic 'bubble' that has burst globally. No longer is he revered as a 'potentate.' His reputation is in tatters. Giulio Tremonti, Italy's Minister of Economy and Finance, has said: 'Greenspan was considered a master. Now we must ask ourselves whether he is not, after [Osama] bin Laden, the man who hurt America the most.' That speaks volumes."

    He adds:

    "Years from now, economic historians may conclude that the 'rescue' measures were too little, too late; the world's central bankers were overwhelmed, and Depression-era 'safety nets' did not work; and global market forces ultimately determined the depth and duration of the economic meltdown, not the politicians anywhere.  One thing is certain enough: there are lots of rude awakenings yet to come, both in the U.S. and abroad.  Greenspan unleashed a firestorm, and it will take years to contain it."

    This article too may be read in its entirety by clicking on the link above, or by clicking on the link at the bottom of this Web page and downloading it.

  • Also, at the request of our regular visitors to this Web site, the separate section of the Links page entitled "News Of The World"—which sets forth lots of useful links to important Web sites globally that may be of interest to you on a daily basis—has been moved to the top of the page, for easier access.  In the section that follows on the Links page entitled "Executive Branch And Independent Agencies," the White House listing has been revised to include essential links to the presidential libraries, birthplaces and homes, as well as other useful information about the Presidents of the United States and their First Ladies.  Next, there are a vast number of very important links to free information on our Links page, and we urge you to make us of them.

  • Some time ago, we "transitioned" successfully to Google's excellent e-mail system, Gmail, and our address is tdnaegele.associates@gmail.com.

  • Finally, we continue to be proud of this Web site, which was designed for us by Phill Tran.  Phill has done a terrific job, and we look forward to working with him in the future.


We are including some old articles and new ones, because old issues keep reappearing in slightly-altered forms.  New pieces are in the offing.  As time permits, we will try to keep you abreast of what's new in Banking Law, Internet Law, and other emerging areas of the law.  Also, we write other articles that are published regularly, online and elsewhere; however, often they do not relate to our practice of law, and hence they are not shown below.  If you would like to read some of them too, please click here.

As always, we welcome your suggestions, and please feel free to download the articles that are listed below:

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